What are some good texting tactics?

Well, I've been talking to this girl for like 5 months now. We texted like 2-3 times a week before but now it's like once a week. I've been on a date with her once, but she rejected before when I told her my feeling towards her (with cheesy lines haha) because we lived too far and I'm not sure if she is into me. I left a going away gift before she left for college and she liked it.

But, she is nice enough to text me. She does often doesn't text me back or late when she's busy or she's with her friends at the bar. I don't really mind.

1) I haven't texted her for 2 weeks now.. Do you think it's a good tatic to make her miss me a little bit?

2) I'm thinking about singing a birthday song on her birthday (December) through Skype and give a Christmas present on Christmas day. Do you think she'll like it and maybe appreciate what I do for her?


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  • what the hell happened to you, man? you're out of your mind.

    1. she won't miss you, believe that. she's gonna be relieved since you won't bother her so much. she rejected you, remember?

    2. don't humiliate yourself. I mean, my god, man, what the hell? why would you do that? and why would you buy her a gift? like she deserves it.

    stop acting like a little desperate puppy. buying her sh*t that she doesn't really deserve, hanging around her like a little kid... grow up.

    she said no, accept it, move on, find a new one. and re-evaluate your game, because this sissy thing ain't gonna work.