She isn't answering my message...did I write something offensive?

So, last weekend I was at work - I'm a bartender (I also work morning shifts, since it's a cafe-bar, so I also make coffee). Suddenly, I saw a familiar girl coming inside and said hello. She used to work there as a waitress for a few days before she had to quit for personal reasons. She was heading to the restroom and she only briefly returned my greetings. I didn't think we'd talk much, but when she came back she surprisingly waited to chat with me, and so we exchanged a few information about our studies. What I noticed is that she only talked with me - while she was working we had a few chats like this and she seemed comfortable with me. Anyway, she had to leave, but I decided I'd like a date with her. So, when I went back home, I talked to her via instant messaging in Facebook - she never goes online. I said: "Hello! How are you doing? :)" . She probably was offline at the moment, so 7 hours later she replied:

"Just fine! I was out for coffee all day long the day we spoke...Actually I'm glad I came there even though I promised I'd never come back again haha! So, did your shift end, bartender? ^ ^ "

After asking for advice from a female friend, I decided to reply with something more playful:

"Haha even bartenders have to go home sometime ;). After all, I have stuff to study (yeah right...!)! I hope the coffee I made you was great - I'd really take care of my reply if I were you! :P you go to Uni every day?"

I can see she got the message. She also posted a couple of stuff on her wall, so she did log in. I believe that it's a technical reason that she doesn't answer, but it's almost two days now and I'm starting to think she might have misread my sarcasm for cockiness. What do you think? Does it really look all that cocky?


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  • It doesn't look cocky to me. If anything it seems amusing and I wouldn't read anything wrong into it - and I'm a pretty sensitive person who reads stuff into things a lot. So... I don't know it could be that she took it the wrong way (which is strange) so perhaps just send another message to clear it up. She'd appreciate the effort me thinks even if she did read it right. Just keep in mind that if she likes you then I'd doubt that a little misunderstood line would keep her away from you. That's quite unlikely. Maybe she just had to do something or is busy or whatever. There's definitely been times when guys that I'd sorta like would send me messages but I'd only reply in a few days cause I had other stuff to deal with. Not all girls who like a guy is going to jump whenever they see a message from them. They might rather want to take more time to sort of think about what they want to say back. That's why you should never reply on instant messaging mediums or social networks when it comes to romances.


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  • No, didn't sound cocky at all. Just playful.

    Who knows why she did not reply.

    Let a few days past, then hit her up again.

    Hopefully she responds this time.

    If she doesn't then forget about her.

  • "I'd really take care of my reply if I were you!"

    While I don't understand that statement at all or where it came from, I don't see anything that made her not want to talk to you anymore. I'd respond to that :-\

    • Well I actually wrote this in Greek (I'm from that country :D) so yes, the translation is kinda botched. What I meant was that I would get 'angry' if she said my coffee wasn't good. I hope it's clearer now ;)

    • Ooh, yeah I see what you're saying now - sorry, haha!

      Nothing wrong with any of it, in my opinion. It's fun, flirty and playful... sounds good to me.

      I don't know why she didn't respond.

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