"I wish you wanted to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you"

One of my friends keeps wanting to text something like this to her crush whenever she's drunk and we always stop her thinking it will ruin her chances. Lately, she's been moping about the fact that he's nice to her but won't make a move and she doesn't know what's up. Do you think I should let her text him this when she's drunk? How do you think he'd respond or view her afterward?


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  • That is a desperate way to describe that she wants him to kiss her. Have her come up with a better way of letting him know, such as "I wonder what it'd be like to kiss you..." But don't hold her back! Us guys need you girls to give us hints that you like us!

    • So you think I should suggest that to her next time? I don't want to get her in a drunken hookup situation... I don't think that's what she's going for.

    • I dunno, it's just texting. She doesn't have to invite him over. Let her make her own mistakes lol

    • Haha true. Thanks.

  • Totally depends on what kind of a dude he is. Can't really say since you didn't describe him. But one thing is for sure - he'll be glad that he's attractive to someone.


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