Does it have a chance?

We had a lovely date .Never enjoyed like this in a date for a long time .There were lots of laughs, flirting, throwing plans for the future (restaurants and movies nothing to heavy), the kiss was romantic in a perfect location, When we said goodbye he suggested that I would have coffee with him In his apartment, I told him I would prefer to do it in another time and he agreed and said he respects my decision,And added he had fun and we will talk soon. Well I had fun too and comfortable, too comfortable and the next day I sent him a humorous sms (never did it before) , he said at our date he have bad luck and I said that I had a lot of good luck, the next day to our date I came across some incidents unfortunate and sent him a message "I think you paste me your bad luck , or sucked all the good luck out of me" is back responded," you'll get it back next time ,no problem "I was satisfied with that, but since there is no trace of the boy . Indeed been three days since the date and two days since the sms is there a chance I'll hear from him again? Or all talk no actions?


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  • Dang, from how your date went, I thought this was going to be a happily ever after. But not even sending you SMS for two days, that does not look good. Speaking as a man, if I went on a date as good as this, with a woman as pretty as you, I would not waste time. We'd been on a second date already.

    But, I can't rule out entirely. He might be feeling confusion, self-doubt, worried he'll mess it up. He might be very busy with things, don't know. I would wait a couple more days, then message him again. But, if by a week, you don't as much as hear from him, and if by two weeks, you are not on a second date, then I'm sorry to say, he lost interest or is afraid to move forward.

    I wish you luck.


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  • It sounds like there is some interest there on his part, give him a little more time.

  • I think there is a definite chance he will ask you out again. Its only been 3 days. I waited for like 5 days before asking my girlfriend out again when I first knew her in which she agreed.


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