Different political views can destroy relationships

Anybody else here currently dating someone with a opposite views when it comes to politics?

I ran in a bit of a trouble last night with a girl that I'm currently dating because she's for Mitt and I'm for Obama. Me celebrating with a couple of my pro Obama friends ticked her off and I haven't gotten a reply back from her since this morning...

So any of you folks have an idea to recover from this spot?


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  • Since who you voted for has NOTHING to do with this question (not that you can tell from all the whining that grown men seem to be doing in the comments), I think that you can have a relationship with someone who has different political views, depending on what they are.

    If your political views are a huge part of your personality and a defining factor in your life? That can be hard. I think it's easier for a couple to work if they have different political views, but aren't exceedingly political - such as I have pretty strong opinions in certain areas, but I honestly don't discuss politics with most people, sometimes even my significant other, because there's so much in my life that I deem more important.

    Your celebrating the candidate you wanted shouldn't offend her, as long as you didn't rub salt in the wound - in other words as long as you kept it out of the relationship and away from her. Since I'm assuming you'd have wanted the same from her if the situation were reversed.

    • I didn't thanks for being matured about this

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  • I think it's possible, but can be difficult. I think it depends on how strongly/passionately you feel about politics, how much you talk about politics, and how respectful/accepting you are toward your partner's views.

    The thing that makes it difficult is that your political views are generally rooted in your personal values and worldview---they're a reflection of who you are as a person. There are a lot of political views of the other party that I find abhorrent and so personally, I'd have a difficult time with someone who a) held those views, or b) voted for someone who held those views (i.e. if they didn't agree with those things, but didn't think they were important, say, because they didn't affect him personally). So, personally, I don't think I could date someone whose political views were on the opposite spectrum of mine.

    Some couples get around this by simply not talking about their politic views. That would be difficult for me because I'm passionate about political issues and it's something that I want to be able to talk to my partner about. Some people, on the other hand, are rather apolitical.

    If you want your relationship to work out, you might have to talk to your partner about "agreeing to disagree" and basically leaving political views out of your relationship. That said, I think your partner is being quite immature about getting mad at you and giving you the silent treatment because you're excited that the presidential candidate you wanted to win won (so long as you weren't rubbing it in her face, which you said you weren't).


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  • You can't. Democrats and Republicans are not compatible. Find a girl with the same views and you'll get along great.

    • We got along on a lot of things man but politics is the only one where we're in opposite directions. But after speaking to the guy above your comment, you may be right.

    • To me, that alone is a deal breaker. Especially when * holds up flame shield * the conservative women tend to be battle-axes anyway.

  • Give her a break. She's just very surprised at how uninformed and ignorant you were by voting for that socialist hack! I have family members who voted for him too. I hope everyone who voted for Barrack Hussein Obama loses their job in the next 4 yrs. I feel sorry for those hard working Americans who voted for Romney, and their kids future, to lose their jobs. From an economy standpoint, no other president in history has sucked so much...and got re-elected. Actually, I'm probably more angry at the liberal pansy media for helping him get elected. I'm also disappointed in my fellow Americans. I thought they had more sense. I would stop talking to my girlfriend the second I found out she voted for that sorry excuse for a president.

    I hope you don't take my comments about you personally. Since you voted for Obama...I better explain myself. I didn't say you were stupid (without knowledge). I said you were ignorant,(lacking in understanding). What you helped with last night isn't just politics that's here one day and gone tomorrow. The damage he has done, and will continue to do will last for a VERY LONG TIME. Most of which (like Obamacare) may never be fixed. Pay close attention to the next 4 yrs. It's going to be HELL on earth. If you don't believe me, just look at Portugal, Spain Ireland, and Greece. Watch the stock market crumble as it did today (down 312 points). Watch those business owners shut down companies.

    Watch business owners fire employees, or move them to part- time so they won't be fined for not participating in Obamacare. We had a great opportunity to get this country up and running again with Romney...but now all is lost. Sorry this has turned into such a rant. My advice to you is give her some space. She needs time to cool off, calm down, and think clearly again. Your girlfriend knows what happen yesterday is a really big deal. She may or may not come back. I'm guessing she will. Best of luck to you.

    • Uh-uh! You are an ultra-liberal democrat Obama voter! Nobody with brains enough to be literate could write such a retarded piece and expect that to be seen as a conservative post! I knew some liberals resorted to despicable tactics, but this is reprehensible! Just face it, your liberal ideology is flaw, writing stupid comments pretending to be a conservative is just low! Nobody is going to buy that you are anything but a far left obozo-loving liberal!

    • People, this dude is a liberal. He's only posing as a conservative in order to smear conservatives and make those who are real conservatives look like little hateful people! He ain't a Romney supporter, he's a swinging far left liberal. Don't fall for these tactics!

  • You kind of sound like a pompous a**hole to be honest. In America there are Republicans and Democrats and the 2 party system exists for a reason. Were you that kid who got the best toy in the neighborhood or ran the one mile at school faster and rubbed it in everyones faces?

  • Yes. I like Mitt and she likes Obama. I bought her a helmet and a bib to wear around from now on since clearly she's retarded and I just didn't know it until yesterday.