FIRST DATE! Guys, do you or the girl pick where you go to eat?

Lets say on the first date you go to get dinner, do you suggest places that you have in mind, or leave it up to the girl?


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  • I suggest places I have in mind, I think the guy should be confident enough to organize a good first date. That shows he made an effort, that he thought about what the girl would like etc. I just come back from an AMAZING first date, and I had planned different kinds of places to go to according to how the evening would go. In the end I kinda let her the choice, we went to have our drink and towards the end of the evening, we went to see the other places I had in mind and she liked the menu so we're planning to go to these places on another date!

    So the guy should have specific ideas in mind of what to do and where to go but have room for what the girl wants. When you ask a girl out on a first date it's almost like it's her birthday, she should be treated like a princess I think.


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