My ex texts me and says I want you back but then barely talks to me

my ex texted me and said he wanted to work things out and which I do but now when I text him he barely texts back I'm confused do I text him and ask him what he wants or do I just leave it alone and let him text me please help haha?


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  • I think what he's trying to find out is how badly you want to get back with him too. How does he find that out? by not texting you back as frequent as he should. That way he'll understand where your feelings are about him. You see what I'm saying?

  • He doesn't want to appear needy.. When you text him do you talk about you as a couple or do you just start a conversation with something not about you two?

    • PS. me and my ex are in the same predicament..

    • we start talking about us and then it turns out to be something different like about the weather or just those types of things haha

    • It would be funny if you were my ex, but a lot of ex situations are similar, so probably not. You should be honest with him and tell him you want to work it out and you want to see him sometime. Take it slow, and talk about all of the differences so you can work them out.

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