How do I "seal the deal?"

For the past few weeks, I've been "seeing" this girl. We were introduced through a mutual friend (we didn't really hit it off in the beginning.) However, she got my number off Facebook and started texting me. We hung out in groups of friends and we got closer. I asked her out on a date and the date went well. We ended the night with her kissing me goodnight (she made the move). After that, we've hung out a few more times but it was to meet her friends. I met her friends at her Halloween party and at also during a weekend get together. Each time she's seen me, she's kissed me.

We have our official second date this weekend. I kinda feel as if I'm losing the situation, kinda because the communication has sorta decreased texting wise. We have plans for dinner and a movie Friday.

To the ladies, based on the story above, do you think she's interested in a relationship? If so, how do I get her hooked, so to speak?


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  • She's making the moves, how many more times does she need to express interest in you? No offense, but she's doing what you should be doing, which is expressing your intent and interest in getting into a relationship with her.

    This doesn't need to be verbalized, as in "will you go out with me?" but simply through your actions. Keep flirting and bantering with her. Give her reasons to laugh and smile.

    Dinner and a movie are so old school bro. In the future, change it up to a shared activity that's fun and takes your guy's focus on the activity. Less pressure, more fun and way more memorable than a dinner and movie. Take those out of your playbook.

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