No response to happy b-day text or present?

My crush had to leave instantly as her parents were there to pick her up and she couldn't wait. I just smiled, said "here, happy b-day. I know you said not to get you anything but too bad!"

she replied really excited "but I told you I don't like it when people spend stuff on me"

As I walked back into the class I said to her "hope you like it. text me later!"

Never got a thank you text or anything, but my friend who's close to her got a text from her(who told me) that she said "(My name) got me a b-day present!"

The next day I sent a really cute and flirty happy b-day text and no response :(

Am I over thinking the whole situation? Should I bring it up at all next time I see her?

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Btw we're 18 in HS, she still doesn't have her car lol.


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  • No, you should wait for her to respond and if she doesn't, just move on. Ball is in her court now. You were super sweet. If she can't appreciate that then she never will!


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