How did you feel when you met your girlfriend/wife?

Okay actually there are about four questions that I have on that will be covered.

1.) How did you know that girl was your future wife or girlfriend?

2.) What did you guys talk about on the first date and subsequent dates?

3.) Where did you go on the first date?

4.) Whend did you guys go in for the first kiss?

P.s. The reason is there is girl I plan on asking out this weekend, but feel kind of nervous if she says yes. Because I have always liked her and finally really want to ask her out, but feel nervous.


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  • 1) I met her in a strip club...I never thought she would be. I didn't want her to be just because no (normal) guy goes in thinking he's going to find a girlfriend there. She came up to me, and just started talking. Most of all we ever did was talk. At first she thought I was a good target to be a "regular" of hers who would come in and only see her and only get dances from her and such. Instead we became friends. Then she quit stripping, and we became best friends. Eventually I realized I was developing feelings for her.

    2) We knew each other for like 10 months before we ever really had a date. We already knew quite a bit about each other just from being friends, so we just spent the time like we would any other time together.

    3) I took her to horse races during the day, then a bar and dance club (not strip club) that night. We hung out this way often already. We more or less just decided we were going to be a couple, and it was no different than our hanging out we often do, except instead of friends we were "us."

    4) We actually weren't really dating at the time, and were still just friends. It was after she quit stripping. I hadn't seen her for about 4 months at that point, and had only talked to her in texts and phone calls. She practically begged me to go see her (she lives an hour and a half away). I did, we hung out and got a little bit drunk. We were just laying in bed going to sleep, and I asked her if it would be too much if I asked for a kiss, and she said no, so a make out session began which led a lot farther. I suppose since we already knew each other for months it didn't feel like we were rushing things as much. Then 4 months later we became "official" as a couple.


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  • make sure she likes you first before you ask her out and make sure you have been on a few dates


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  • 1) I knew the first time I saw her, it was nerve wrecking but I went up to her and we hit it off.

    2) We got to know each other (our hobbies, jokes, our families, embarrassing moments, future goals, jobs, stuff like that). Keep it light

    3) Our first date was a complete mess so we went and just drove around town for about 4 hours getting to know each other.

    4) Our second date and it was perfect.

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