What do you do when someone you like is being really nice? :/

I'm taken but my girlfriend has recently been treating me differently. I don't know why. We split up for 7 months and during that time me and another girl was going to get together. I changed my mind and got with my ex again. I've been down recently and the girl I was going to date has been really nice to me.. It feels weird because we was going to date. Do you guys think its normal or abnormal? :/

Please no inappropriate answers -_-


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  • It makes me sad to think that a girl is getting more p**** than I am :'(


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  • I think it's good for you

    You shouldn't have gotten back with your Ex! Big mistake for yourself!

    • I love her that's why I've got back with her. My girlfriend has cheated twice and treated me like dirt a few times and she's also lied to me a number of times. If she does any of that now she's getting permanently dumped. I've put my foot down this time and I'm not letting her walk all over me. Don't you think I'm mean for having feelings for this other girl? :/

    • I understand that you love her, but you gave up your dignity to get back with her. That is the major loss suffered. No you aren't mean for having feelings for this other girl, you started moving on and then second guessed yourself, so it's only natural.

      If you are happy then stay in the relationship, but I think you should move on.

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  • If you dated boys I could answer this so much easier. But nope. I have no experience in the world of the lesbian population. Sorry.