Does Zodiac influence or effected your dating/relationships in any way?

I only ask because it does influence my choice in guys and it does tend to explain some of why some of my relationships have been the way they were.

I'm a Taurus...I fell in deep love with a Gemini...and if you know anything about Zodiac, you know that was a super disaster. Now me and a Sagittarius share feelings and it says it'll be something short but. I see a future with him, and he sees one with me.

So my question to you is has it influenced or effected your dating/ Relationships in any way?


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  • Pisces in love with a Sagittarius : )

    Don't really think that means anything at all though, lol. Horoscopes and such can be fun to read but honestly they're all so general and vague that it's easy to convince yourself that those words are meant for you, when it reality... that stuff has pretty much nothing to do with anything.

    Sometimes they can give good advice though! But zodiac stuff has never really influenced my relationships or how I date or anything.

    • True. I don't think it's personally for me bu after a relationship fails and I just look up the generalized description of he sign it explains a lot. I've only recently been interested in it after involving myself with a pieces lol. and now I'm in love with a Sag.

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  • No. And I pity the people who actually do


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  • Nope .But the funny thing is that most of the guys I'm most attracted to are Tauras or Libra.. Lol I'm a Virgo btw