Playing hard to get or just being nice?

So, I met this girl at the Dr. office and she started a conversation with me and seemed very interested telling me how much she liked my name and stuff and I really enjoyed talking to her and was really stoked with her, by the time I figured I wanted to ask for her # they called her and she got up an said "It was nice talking to you" She told me in conversation her next 2 appt. dates. but before I left I looked at the sign in sheet and got her # (I know I broke a cardinal rule but, hey what the hell huh?). So after trying to see her again on those appt. days over 5 weeks to ask her in person for her #( which I found out she missed because of no ride), I decided to call her. She knew who I was right off and I told her that I hope she was flattered and not freaked at the way I got her # and she said not at all it was cool, she even joked about it with me. We talked a few minutes and I could hear she was doing dishes and asked if she wanted to call me back, she said she would call me back when she was done. An hour later she called back and left a message telling me to call her back in a pretty sweet voice. I called her the next day and we chatted a few minutes again but she had just started watching a movie with her roommate and told me to call her back later that night if I wanted to. Well I went out with another girl that night (Halloween) and didn't call her back. I texted her the next day and she texted back and we have texted each other every day with her texting me first once...nothing in depth...especially on her end, just telling me she hopes I'm having a good day etc.. I've initiated more in the text about myself or what I'm doing trying to draw her into more conversation but she's always just short. I've tried calling her twice and gotten her VM but no call backs, just keeps responding to my texts sayin she's been busy. I've just divorced after almost 20 years so this whole game is a little dif. Do you girls think she is just playin HTG or trying to warm up a little to get to know me, or is she just being polite and texting back. I think maybe she could have met someone Halloween night and is keeping me on the burner from the shift from voice to text?


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  • I would be causious of any girl with multiple doctor appointments. lol. However if your willing to pursue then go ahead with your instincts. She already reciprocated in a favorable manner so don't push too hard but keep the texting going. Don't ever try to figure out what women do or think. You'll never know, lol. Stay cool

    • Yeah, the Dr. appt.'s kind of made me a little leary...She was recently burned pretty bad so she may just be being cautious...Thanks for the response.