Guy talks in a baby voice like I'm a cute puppy and smiles a lot? why?

this guy I am dating always looks into my eyes and I notice he uses a different tone of voice with me than other people and keeps smiling at me a lot.

it almost makes me feel like I am a puppy because he talks to me in a cutesy voice and always cuddles me and kisses me.

do guys have a different voice and look when they like a girl and care for her?


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  • we play with stuff animals and act like cats when bored.

    one of us pets, and other other will meow, purr, and headbutt things.

    it makes me happy!.maybe he does it just to put a smile on my face.

    but then again... 70% of my friends make everything cutesy for me. guess that's just how I am ;(

    to give a example of how my cute my brain works... bf's mom told me both the cats will attack the puppy I wanted to get. the little guy isn't going to fight back either because he doesn't know how to. tears were rolling down like crazy and she had to go to the bathroom cause she was laughing that hard. boyfriend ran upstairs to get a huge stuffed dog and I end up crying more until he put it in my arms D: they both started hugging, kissing and apologizing.

    then another time when I was with a friend..he told me about seal clubbing and I was like NO WAYYY. he showed me a picture and everything on my face was running. he closed it and started hugging and feeding me cookies. ex went on and showed me another picture and I started to cry again.

    apparently its freaking adorable that I can feel things so strongly. I'm weak sauce so I think I need it. even my little cousins pinch my cheeks and do baby voice to me ;(


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  • Different voice? Not necessarily. You may be very cute and he just can't help himself.

    As for looking into your eyes, that's part of regular good conversation skills.

    • he talks to me in a different tone of voice sometimes. not when we are having a normal conversation, but a lot of times when we are out together, and then he will ask if he can get a kiss.

    • It's normal. Guys will talk to girls they're close to differently than he would with a random guy.

  • puke. he sounds clingy

    • he does sound clingy

      and like he will own 20 cats in the future

  • Tell him he's one cute voice away from getting his Man Card revoked!

  • he thinks you're cute and innocent


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  • Aw this makes me feel so submissive and feminine

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