Anyone have any thoughts on e-harmony?

So I'm a divorced mom and am looking to find the right guy for me. My marriage is long over (3 years) and I feel truly ready to meet the right person. I have tried dating sites before, but the guys, while they start out seemingly ready to really date, end up flaking. Sure, I'm sure sometimes it's just me lol, but overall I am known to be a pretty easygoing person to be around. Most guys I've encountered on the sites just want to email, text, chat, or, worse, lol, have a booty call. I fell for one guy and he fell for me, we even said I love you, but he ended up freaking out saying he couldn't handle it after going through divorce. I just figured maybe e-harmony might have more serious prospects? But I've heard mixed reviews on it. Anyone have an opinion on it? It's pricier than the other sites, so it would be great to get some feedback before signing up.

thanks everyone! I just signed up...first day...we'll see how it goes!


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  • The guy I know who has had the most successful online dating avoids long text/chatting before meeting. All dating sites have a lot of flakes who are actually just flirting to boost their ego. There is also a big group of men (and some women) who just want to hook up.

    So cut to the chase a lot faster. If someone's profile looks promising, suggest meeting for coffee or a quick drink. This works MUCH better obviously if you are in a big city where people are likely to be nearby. Basically don't assume anything till you've met and had in person chemistry, and they want to go out on an actual date after that.

    And you're not a couple till you become a couple - set up lots of dates. View them like job interviews. You need to meet in person and see how you interact and if you want to get to know more.


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  • I'm not a fan of cyberdating. You'd be better off joining a club for people with your iterests, or speed dating, or any other situation where you meet real people face-to-face. Then you don't waste time as much, since you can usually tell right away who is a flake and sho might be a serious prospect.

    Friends are a great source for referrals, you know!

    • Good luck...I hope it works for you! It works for some people, but hey, shooting darts at pictures of guys would work a certain percentage of the time as well.

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    • You might be one of the lucky ones..the ones that give testimonials on eHarmony ads...

    • never know! lol...

  • If I was serious about finding someone and I was going to online date I'd probably try eharmony.


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  • I know two people who met the love of their life there. Both moved in together. Bother had kids from previous marriages