Should I continue to text her?

Short story

I met this girl I liked and we got in perfectly before a certain incident between a friend of mine and her. He called her something distasteful...i stood up for her. she flipped out and so did he. So I'm no longer friends with the guy. I tried resolving it with her...she won't let me..she now labels me as a a**hole even though I'm a very nice guy. So seeing as I kept trying and trying to make things right..she simply replied f*** you. I instantly forgot about texting her for a week. After a week I decided to text her again because I seen her out with another dude...she knew I could see this and she kept making eye contact. so I send a text saying to sort things out over coffee the next day, to have her reply no flowers. I was confused. Then she decided to ring me and I asked why she was a ignoring me she replies I'm an a**hole because my friend is one - what does that mean? Then she went on to say why I didn't text her for a weeek and I said I needed time to think - she replied we are not married. I didn't know what to say I was stunned and trying to analyse everything. She then went on to say I take the mick out of her and things but also the fact that nothing is ever good enough for me. Astounded at this fact because I'm the most easygoing person shell ever know. Everyone who knows me says I'm very nice, funny and easy going AND very tolerant. Then she hung up on me. midsentence. I then text her the next day saying I never meant to upset her or make her angry and can we go back to how we were before my friend said those things, concluding with lets go see the new twilight at midnight(one if fave films)...she never replied. So the next day I sent another text asking her to be truthful with as to why she was ignoring me. she didn't reply. I was never in the wrong...i never did anything bad or hurtful - so confused. Every girl I like I treat them like a princess and give them all my attention. odd thing is she still has me on fb :S. Before alk this I took her places, when she was down id make time to see her heck I even bought her a twilight boxset with wine and watcged one film with her to keep her company. So can someone give me really good advice on how to go about this please.


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  • She's either really bipolar or a bitch f***ing with your head. And don't take calling her a bitch to heart, I love and respect women. But her treating you like that after you stood up for her and even breaking it off with your friend is wrong. But you were diffinatly in the right to stand up when you did and your friend probably is a a**hole. To get to the point you did everything right and you should move on. You seem like a good guy and deserve better than that. She sounds very confusing and deceitful.


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  • Oh hell nah. F***the bitch. Never text her again.