Is this guy sleazy? Do I have the right to be a little irritated?

So I was out with a girl friend last week and I met this cool guy. We exchanged numbers and have so far talked every day, gone out on 2 dates, and have kissed already.

Now, I was under no illusion that I was the only person he was probably going out with. I may not like the casual dating thing, but I'm not dumb. So after our date on Wednesday I asked him if he would want to go out tonight (Friday) and he said he had a lot of work to do but would want to go out on Saturday.

So I was shopping yesterday and ran into my friend who I was with when I met him and she told me that he had texted her and asked her out for Friday. I told her that he didn't do anything wrong but it would hurt my feelings if she went out with him because she knows I like him. She is going out with him anyway, but that's another topic.

I guess with the whole casual dating thing, everyone knows deep down that you aren't the only one they are seeing, but I think girls want to feel like they are the only ones. If he wants to go out with other girls, that's fine, but I wish he would pick someone I I wasn't friends with. He knows we are friends, we were together when he met us!

I guess my question is, was it sleazy of him to ask out someone he knew was my friend and basically lie-by-omission about it? Do I have the right to be a little irritated?

Also, what should I say the next time I hang out with him? Should I mention that I know they went out? I don't want to seem jealous, but I don't want to be a doormat either...

I think I'm more just irritated that he picked to ask someone that he knew I was friends with. That's my main thing.


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  • Well I wouldn't say it was sleazy of him to ask out girls who were friends, but it is a little insensitive. What would you do if you met two guys who were friends and wanted to try dating both of them casually?

    Yeah I think he could've handled it better. I would've been upfront that I was dating both of you and asked what you thought of it. Now I think generally people would rather not know who else their date is going out with and when. I think if you are really bothered by this then you should talk to him about it, but don't blow it out of proportion.


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  • Well I think he was irritated too and now you are irritated. The game of love requires two players.

    He was moving on his own speed, and you were moving on your own speed. If one can't give in to the others speed, then the right solution is to move on.

    • I agree with the 2nd part, but how was he irritated just out of curiosity? He is always the one that calls me first.

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    • I think he's probably just keeping his options open, it's not like other guys don't text me so maybe I should keep mine open as well...

    • yes, be open minded.

  • Yes you have a right to be irritated, at both your friend and him.

  • Do yourself a huge favour & stay far away from him. He's trouble. I'm an ass but I wouldn't ask her friend out even if I didn't like her all that much. That is a sleazy, low thing to do. He could care less if doing that could cause tension with you & your friend & he's basically saying he don't give a damn what you think = no respect for you at all. Or your friend for that matter.


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