The first month of dating - What do women expect?

I know you will say every woman is different but there must be some general dos and don'ts in the first month of dating if you really like the woman you are seeing. I have been off the dating market for a long time so I am kind of rusty:) Ladies, think about the guys who gave you butterflies. What did they do? Didn't do? Guys, how did you treat a woman you really liked and did not screw things up? Any thoughts are appreciated.


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  • If I'm on a date I want all the focus on me. I like to feel sexy and attractive. I like being treated, but not too much. Like dinner out and long drives. I like to be told what he likes about me, my eyes, legs ect. Flattery can go a long way. Its not necesary but I'm quite a horny person so I would wan't sex. But if I really liked him not just sex then being ignored after.

    I don't like to be lead on to feed male ego and just to be got to bed.

    I would rather a guy be really honest with his intentions, not like tell long term commitments.

    But if he is interested in me or just m,y p**** alone.

    A lot of guys don't realize how women take there words seriously, when guys are just looking for a bit of fun.

    If your not serious about a girl you shouldn't keep flattering her and giving her attention, unless you make it clear you only want to bed them. Even then, they may still have false hope if they like you from all the attention.

    Women just want to feel beautiful, sexy and wanted.


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  • Be yourself. Because if you don't .. and then you change back to your original self , she ll feel weird, maybe even turned off .. so be yourself.. Anyway , some stuff we appreciate are good morning and good night texts .. random "you just crossed my mind" messages..I like it when my guy talks about his life.. past .. dreams with me .. I like when he asks about my personal life..though I hate it when he does it in a judging manner ..

    that's what came to mind for now :)

  • First month - Sex.

    • But what if I'm not that kind of boy? I wouldn't want a girl using me for my body until I was sure about her...

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