Getting to know a guy (guys please answer this)

So my friends told me that I should talk to one of her guy friends. I was hesitant at first but I decided to take a chance. We exchanged numbers over Facebook and we started texting. We texted from 6 to 11pm. Everything seemed good, he's a funny guy and nice. I ended the convo cause it was getting late. I asked him if he wanted me to text him tomorrow he said sure. Do you think I should text him or what acouple days so he won't think I'm desperate? When should we make a plan to meet in person?

I'm a senior in high school, he's a freshman in college.


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  • I suggest this... text him slightly less than he text's you.

    And don't EVER ask him how much you should text him, that makes you seem desperate.

    Also, it's really EASY to not seem desperate when you actually are NOT desperate.

    So text him when you want, but use his reply speed and reply to gauge his interest. If he replies instantly then he likes to text quickly. If is reply takes days, then yours should too.

    If his reply is long, then yours should be slightly shorter. If his replies are short, then yours should be short too.

    The key is to match his interest levels... that's how you "seem" less desperate.

    Hope this helps!


    ~ Robby


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  • It's up to you. Men like the chase so playing just a little hard to get can really work to your advantage but you may need to meet first since men are visual.

    • Why play a little hard to get, if my friend set us up? But thanks for the advice.

    • Because that's what makes you attractive to males, regardless of the originating circumstances. We love the chase.

  • Men love a chase, but men hate stupid games that girls sometimes play, so my advice is forget about all that bull about waiting awhile before you call or whatever.. do what you feel is right, and just be yourself because above all men hate fakes, so if you feel like you wanna talk to him, talk to him, also I think you are over reacting because you haven't even met yet, usually these questions happen after a meeting lol

    • Lol yeah, maybe I'm overreacting.

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