Wondering if I should talk to him again...

I'm on a dating site, and this past July, a guy messaged me. Turned out we had so much in common and talked for hours on end. We eventually met, and it didn't go as well as I thought. Honestly, it was because his friend was there (long story) and I didn't feel like I could have been myself. After that, though, he texted me and told me how much he missed this girl he loved (they never dated, but she did get married to another guy). So I'm just wondering, 5 or so months later, if it would be OK to text or call him again? And if so, what would I say?


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  • It's tempting to dig up "missed opportunities" when we're bore or lonely... but I think it's a mistake.

    This is like eating those last crumbs of cereal at the bottom of the box just because you're too lazy to buy a new box. And it's only going to make your milk all gross.

    The world has an endless supply of single dudes waiting to impress you... you need to give these NEW guys a chance!

    But that's just me...

    ~ Robby


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  • This is a litle odd, bringing someone with him to a date..as if he was frightened of being alone with you. I'd hesiate to contact him again, frankly. You must have other options, right?


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  • Well, this is a tough situation considering he loved a married women, the fact that he would even mention that he misses a girl, this shows that he can't let go of his past, and this may affect you if something does go on between you two. I think you should go out and meet new people, and not stay tied down to a guy that cannot forget of his past because if he really had a connection with you, you would be able to fill in those memories of the girl he use to love, and that will eventually make him forget about her. So best adviceis to move on and interact with others...

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