Need some serious help about my ex!

Hello everyone!A year ago I broke up with my ex,after a few months we started to have contact again,talking and stuff,did everythign I could to get her back (using logic) drive her even further away.Tried to make her jealous,it seems that somehow worked not for good thou.Anyway after an attempt to make her jealous she told me that she don't want to talk with me anymore and she deleted me from Skype/fb.After a few weeks I sent her an apologizing message telling her that I wanted to talk with her again...she sent me a huge text and she replyed that she doesn't care if I flirt/talk with other girls.My question,why is she wrote it at least 3 times,a person who really don't care would say it only once,prolly she was trying to convince me that she doesn't care,maybe even herself as well.She isn't talking to me at the moment because she is tired of my behaivor but I have noticed that she is passing in front of me,in places that we both go and she is watching me,when I stare at her,she is staring somewhere else.By the way,a friend of her told me taht she still have feelings for me,but she is mad so she is acting like this!

Thank you in advance for your replies!

A few more details,she dumped me in a very stressful period of her time!And she tried to make me jealous with a friend of mine!A few months ago we had a very sweet and pleasant conversation talking about the future and things like that.She was blushing with all my silly compiments and she was saying what will you do in a few years if we are together and stuff like that,with joking ofc in the end,trying to make it a random conversation!


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  • So you've both played games with each other, you have both tried to make the other one jealous...this will take a long time to get over.

    Give yourselves at least several months to let all the resentment fade, and all the bad feelings, hopefully dissipate, before you try to get back together.

    Maybe you will decide you're too young to hold an exclusive realtionship together..There is nothng shameful about admitting that and going on from there. Good luck to both of you.

    • Thank you for the reply,you can't imagine how much it helped!We aren't together for a year now,but there are so many feelings and memories.Its really hard to let it go,from both sides even if we are trying at least to hide it when we are fighting...I am 21 and she is 23.Shameful of course not we loved each other and we will still do,even if the negativity of the last months make it hard.Will try to start a friendly period to get over the bad feelings!Thank you once again!

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    • Thanks, anonymous, and good luck!

    • You are welcome and you don't have to thank me,i thought that your answer was indeed the best!

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  • I really think that she giving you pay back because you hurt her when you broke up with her..

    and another thing why did you break up with her if you trying to get back with her... She don't want to get hurt again and she hiding it on the inside... If you believe in god pray about it if you don't. keep bothering her but all I say is that talk to her calmly . Tell her straight up and why you try to make her jealous .. And it might be childish she would say but tell her I don't know why I was caught in the moment but I want you back. And I will do anything for you to trust be again. And tell her if I slip up I promise you don't have to talk to me again and I won't talk to you again ... Just please give me one more chance.. If she say no then you need to move on then she just acting like a bitch.

    hope that works my friend.

    • First of all,she broke up with me,she was really really stressed back then,she had issues with her family.I am not that jerk to dump someone and try to get back to them!

  • give her time she s probably saying it as she is mad at you and won't admit she likes you once bitten twice shy and the jealous thing bad idea why do men think it works as it never does. best way to lose a girl shows a woman your not that into her after all. best thing is to give her a bit of space then apologize again and talk to her and tell her what a jerk you was and the other girl ment nothing etc goodluck

    • Yea I haven't talked to her for a bit more than a week and I won't till she talk to me,she is furious at me now,so it won't be any good to even try!Keep in mind that she tried to make me jealous as well,with a friend of mine,nothing is happening between them,thats for sure,just to say like I am here or she wanted to check my reaction.

    • well sir... Your said on the top that you broke up with your ex. so I thought that meant her.

    • My bad I wasn't very clear at it,sry!

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  • Follow what your heart says.. not your mind

    • I am doing it and its more confusing than you think! :P I will keep going who knows?Maybe its the right thing!

  • Maybe she's going through some stress right now.

    • Yea maybe she is,i can't be sure thou,she had to deal with a few things from her past that she still hasnt,long and not pleasant story!Thank you for the reply!