This girl is driving me crazy

I was studying in the lab and later one of the girls that I did not know send me a message on fb, saying that I am pretty good looking but she is not expecting anything, she wanted someone to practice English with.

To clarify I am in France, and she is French.

we send messaged back and fourth and then a week later we meet once at her place, we had fun and said we should do it again. I also asked her out on a date a few days later and she said yes but that she is not looking for anything serious.

A week later I sort of texted her in a mean way and the next day I apologized to her and she said that I said that I made a curious mistake. I had no idea what that meant, so I said I am sorry and hope she understands.

A day later I send her a message but she did not replay for a few days.

So I send her a message saying that I am not sure if she is busy or mad about what happened, and that I was sorry and that I wish her the best of luck in life.

When I send her that, I didn't really care and I though there are many other girls. again she did not replay and now I am starting to go crazy. I really liked this girl and I am not sure what to do.

I almost never run into her, because we have different programs in college. Also she didn't replay to my texts and I am afraid if I call her she will feel that I am disparate.


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  • I don't know what you're asking, dude. Could you clarify?

    • well she got mad at me for being rude, and after that she did not respond to my texts,

      So my question is, should I try to call her?

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