Does this guy like me and still want to go on a date?

Ok so I was speaking to this guy online for a few days and then he left his number saying if he wants to meet up sometime at the weekend to let him it'd be a laugh and he wanted to hear my accent.

So I messaged him saying I can't at the weekend but I can during the week and he said "yeah no problem". Then later during the week I texted him I said "Hey are you still up for meet this week" he said yeah "when do you think" and we arranged a time and place. On the day I messaged "we still meeting up later is 6pm ok" he said" yeah cool" then a bit later he text back asking what I wanted to do I said I wasn't sure . He asked again I said a few drinks he said he's not sure he's able to make it has he couldn't get to the bank with work and hasn't got a card. I said OK we can next week if that's better And texted back "yeah I think so. I'm not dodging but I'm broke today" Then the next day he rang me in the morning . I missed the call and texted back that I'd just seen the missed call and he rang back seeing if I could meet up after work I said I wasn't sure yet I'd let him know I had to find something I texted back I'm not sure I can do today as I was busy. He said it would've been an hour or so. But if you can't you can't and replied to what else I'd asked he said He wasn't sure if he was going to be free this week (forgot he said this) so it was like Friday was the only day we could meet up. I said I could meet up but I only have 2/3hours and he didn't reply. So I messaged him Wednesday exactly a week later seeing if he was still up for meeting he didn't reply but it was like 11pm when I sent it he's usually asleep. Will I send another message? what will I say? I forgot he'd said he was busy this week. I don't know maybe he thinks I was dodging meeting up with him that day?as he did seem interested at the time. maybe because he was busy this week and he'd already told me this and he maybe didn't again want to send a text saying he was busy?


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  • Are you sure you CARE if he's into you?

    He can't keep "a few drinks" worth of cash in his pocket (out of cash)

    He texts at odd times in your day (out of cycle)

    He doesn't know what to do with you, other than hear your accent (out of ideas to entertain YOU)

    He can't plan his own calendar e.g. "I don't know..." (out of time)

    He apparently can't meet gals except on line (out of personal appearance talent)

    WHAT WAS the attraction other than guys are SCARE these days?

    I judge this guy has struck OUT


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  • When he said that he is out of cash and can't see you because of that - it sounded like an excuse and weird, even so you could have had just a walk. More over if he wanted to meet he would have contacted you, I wonder why he left his number and didn't ask yours. He says that he is busy and kind of finds it hard to find a time to meet you. I think the guy is playing with you, or is too shy to make a move. probably the first one as he wants you to run after him, as behaving this way.


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  • Online relationships can be very dodgy -- touch-and-go in terms of feelings and the meetings themselves. You meet online, go through that tangle of "What/How much should we tell each other?" and then try to figure out if you like them. Hopeful folks will allow the positive vibe to sink in and try really hard to make that first meeting happen, beyond all logic, pay cycles, etc. The only thing tougher than finding a job in this economy is finding a date -- specifically one who won't run you into the ground with demands and expectations. Online dating is a little "escapist" because it's something you turn to for positive input after a day/week of wrestling with work and other stuff. THEN to find that actually just meeting people to connect with is a process? Hmm. It's understandably frustrating.

    So you guys are at the phase where you're interested but the physical meeting is hedged by a few factors -- your schedules, his pay cycle, phone tag. All that stuff is normal. Try texting OR calling him one last time. If he doesn't respond, that's on him. If he responds last minute, it's a "booty call" and you have to figure out what it is you want from this guy.

    I'm not too worried about the self-imposed 11pm curfew. He's a man, not a little boy, he can sleep and get up when he likes. He's probably just not usually checking his messages after a certain time and saying "I'm asleep" to indicate he's not available while still appearing "manly" -- you know, the big guy's got to get his rest for that busy life he's living, which he's sort of bragging to you about so you'll be impressed. Cut him a little slack, but don't be a sucker and meet up at the very last minute. You're on the right track.

    • If I was to message him again what would I say?

      Would I just say? "Hey how have you been?" or what don't want to ask about meeting again.

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    • I might text him later saying "Heya how've you been? you been up to much? "

      is that OK or how else should I phrase it.

    • It's up to you. I'm more for a short phone message -- I'm old fashioned and not nuts about txting.

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