Was this a date or not?

I've noticed that a guy I met a couple of months ago likes me. A lot. He's very shy and awkward, so I decided to ask him out for drinks (thinking he would get that I'm into him).

He replied and said that it sounded like a lot of fun, but he changed it to a lunch date. We went on that lunch yesterday, and it was great.

However, during the lunch he mentioned that he has a girlfriend, like it was nothing. I did notice he was nervous though. Another weird thing is that he made completely sure that no one we knew saw us.

So, I've been convinced that this was a date and that's why I thought it was strange he agreed to it. But now I'm thinking maybe he didn't see it as a date? But that's strange too because he don't know each other at all. Also, why keep the "date" a secret then?

How would YOU see it? Was it a date or not?

I've already asked several questions about my situation here before, and I got some great answers. But there is still this little thing bugging me and I hope that some nice guys here can clear it up for me :)


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  • Would you mind giving some more details on why you think he was trying to make your meeting/dating a secret. In my opinion. He is either shy for some reason (bad relationships in the past or something) thus behaving that way. Or he has a girlfriend and doesn't want anybody to know he is seeing somebody else.

    • Well, we're in the same class in college. We had decided before that we would have lunch together on Friday. When I came to class on Friday morning he didn't even look at me or say hello or anything. Not until a break at about 11, when I went up to him. He made sure no one heard us and asked me if we were going on that lunch. He asked me if it was OK that we ate in another building close by at one o'clock. He didn't come back to class, because I know that he didn't want anyone seeing us go there .

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    • Well, what you're saying sounds right and it's what I've been thinking. But I'm just not sure anymore. Why go on the lunch with me and tell me about his girlfriend? Should I tell him that I like him and that's why I asked him out in the first place, not knowing about his girlfriend? Because I didn't say anything about that during the date.. Thanks for your answers btw!

    • it might be that he didn't want to seem rude, if he has got a girlfriend. He could say that he has a girlfriend to say that it might not work with you now, but possibly in the future when he is available. And to go for lunch to know you better, as he might like you. If he really has a girlfriend its one case - cause I spoke with somebody on this chat and there was a really interesting story, if he doesn't its another. Why don't you find me in chat here - in instant messaging? could be questions

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