My boyfriend just stopped talking to me for 3 days?

So my boyfriend and I have been going out for about two months. Everything has been fine! I saw him Monday night all was well and we were actually going to sleep together that night. But he was really tired from work so we were like another night so it won't be rushed. I left his house and when I got home I texted him sorry I kept you up late for nothing. Since I went over there to do the deed lol. (no judgement) anyways he didn't text me back which is normal he just likes to know I made it home.

So the next day I got off work early and texted him about hanging out since it was his day off and nothing all day. Then Wednesday rolls around and now I'm worried something happened to him so that night at like 11 when I knew he would be home from work, I called and no answer. I left a message saying hey just making sure you're okay and everything fine give me a call back. Thursday night around 12 he texts me asking if I have time to talk. At this point I'm just mad lol and I don't text him back till 12 last night saying he can call me. Nothing, no text saying okay I will or anything. WHAT IS GOING ON?!


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  • Maybe he has some serious issue he doesn't want you to know about or he need some space just for a while ...just text him back again and see what he says if it's something negative maybe just shrug it off and wait for a while, if it something positive well that's good :) hang out and have a little fun but if he doesn't reply back to you it better be a good reason!

    • I feel so bad now. I feel like maybe I was being selfish and just let my emotions get the better to me and ignored him as he did to me. If something really did happen I'm sure it hurt his feeling that I ignored him like that. He hasn't called me today yet! I hope he does!

    • Update: ha ha so him ignoring me was his breaking up with me tactic. How immature. Because I wouldn't sleep with him yet. He's with another girl he works with who has a boyfriend. Nice LOL glad I didn't get to far in the relationship!