Guy/ Girl you like goes to kiss you. you kiss her passionately. while kissing. whisper 'this is not wise' WHY?

Any idea what the problem might be if you were to say that?


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  • I would say that due to the fact I'd be getting attached which is never a good thing in my case :\

    • hmm, thanks for answering.

      wouldn't you rather ust kiss and not worry about it. and then, just not do it again, if it bothered you? I am not sue I understand the point of worrying about one kiss. I don't know I think it could still be a nice experience. just a kiss ;) I mean, if you stop kissing you'll still have already started. so w/e feelings called up will already be there. might as well just finish kissing, since you're attracted to the person. well that's how I see it. but thanks fir your input ;-)

    • Hmm, I see what you mean..