Is he interested or just out to get some?

Started talking to this guy a little over a month ago. I knew him in high school but we never talked. He contacted me & told me how he had this crush on me years ago & we started texting & talking nonstop. He's wonderful, always compliments me, very attentive, funny & outgoing. The problem is he seems to good to be true. He met me out one night at the bar while I was with friends because he couldn't wait to see me. Since then he took me to dinner & came to my house twice but says he's embarrassed to take me to his

house. I recently slept with him & he's still wonderful but the texts & calls have slowed & now he's apologizing for being busy & not being able to see me. Is this his way of backing out now that he got some?


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  • Yes it is, sorry to say but he played you.


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