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ok this guy and I have been going out since the 19th and we haven't gone on a "date" yet. we see each other everyday in school and he walks me to my class every morning. every time we see each other we hug and when were together everything seems fine. he hasn't kissed me yet and I'm wondering if this is normal. he doesn't like my friends and that gets in the way a little but I really want this to worked out. so I'm asking is it normal for us not to have kissed? and is it ok that we haven't been out on a date yet? also how do you know if he really likes you or just thinks your ok for now?


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  • 1: It's not weird that you haven't kissed yet, you've only been "going out" for ten days!

    2: You really should go out on a date, even if it's just a walk around the park, just go out and do something together.

    3: You will be able to tell if he really likes you if he actually lets you know he likes you. If he hasn't yet, just give him time, he may be too shy to do so. Have patience and don't rush anything.

    • Thanks so much. I appriciate the help more than you could ever know. thanks again!

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  • I think he may not like you as much as you like him. It sounds like it might just be "convenient" for him to date you at school.. do you hang out outside of school at all? And everyone is different in terms of when they kiss.. but if you've been dating for like 2 or 3 weeks (which you're approaching) then something is probably up and he is not all the way into the relationship.