What should I do now?

So there's this girl that I really liked and I thought we could have gotten somewhere... link

so after asking this question link and receive feedback, I went for it.

I wrote her a note asking her out and I folded it into a rose and got it delivered to her. She came up to me after school and told me she can't date.

Dunno if it means:

She can't date


She can't date (me)


She can't DATE

but yea..

So I still kinda talked to her but since I was sad, my responses got a bit awkward.

One day, her best friend told me she wanted to talk to me. Some how, we started arguing Because she said she feels upset Because somehow everyone found out and I started getting mad and saying at least she wasn't the one who got rejected and how I assumed it was her telling everyone and she assumed it was me telling everyone and it got messy...

She then said she doesn't want to talk to me again and I said I thought she wanted to talk to me and she says not anymore.

Then, she replies telling me not to bother texting her Because she's not gonna reply because it would be better for me and I should just let go of it.

after she asks for any last words because she's gonna delete everything I sent her.

Ive been trying to talk to her non stop for the past few days. I've apologize, I've sent song lyrics (back to December- specifically "So this is me swallowing my pride

Standing in front of you, saying I'm sorry for that night

And I go back to December all the time"), and I sent a lot of apologies and other stuff

she hasn't replied once.

I tried to talk to her at school but she's been avoiding me (I arrived at school 10 minutes early and waited by her locker until class starts. she has homeroom with me but I don't see her and she gets to class after I do. I try talking to her after class but she already leaves for the next class. I wait by her locker for 10 minutes after school but she doesn't show up even though I was waiting there before school even ended



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  • Just stop. One, it's respecting her wishes. She obviously doesn't want to talk to you - whether that's fair or not is another discussion. Unfortunately people make their own decisions based on many factors, and if she doesn't want you in her life, you can't force your way in there, especially not without making her get really sick of you. Don't wait around at her locker and things like that - that's just a red flag to begin with. She doesn't want to talk to you, nor does she want to feel stalked.

    Two, it will result in one of two things: either she'll realize she misses you after you give up, and initiate contact and you two can open up a discussion, or you'll get over it and realize you don't really care so much anymore.

    I went through this situation myself when I was in high school - I did the stuff you did. In the end not only did it not help, but it irreparably destroyed the relationship. Even six years later, he still won't talk to me, no matter how much of a different person I've become and no matter how many friends we have in common or parties we end up at together.

    • hmmm... okay I guess your right

      and its not fair at all. even her best friend says she's mad at her because she went too far.

    • The sucky thing is sometimes people make up their mind without really any fair consideration toward you and there's just nothing you can do. It's a small consolation, I know, but if she doesn't actually open up talking to you again to understand what happened, she's not really worth your time.

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  • let it go man. we can't force someone to understand your feeling. everyone has their own opinion, and unique thinking, and you should understand girl and what are they thinking?and what stuff they don't like, one fo the thing she doesn't like you did it. in relationship its not only you are showing how deep your feeling fall in her but understand them. you ned to slow down and try to start staying close with her become a friend and become the one who support, never do stuff they really don't like example like this one, don't go aggresive, she will not like it. if you really like her don't push too much.

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