Does this guy have any desire to date me?

i met the cousin of my former co worker a little over a year ago and he knew I liked him. we started to hang out, kiss and over the course of the year we've gone further. but there hasn't been any mentioning of dating or seeing each other. he moved to sd and he'll ask me to come visit and I do. we talk almost every day. but he talks about trips he's planning, studyng abroad, etc. I'm confused when all his roommates think we are dating and he doesn't tell them we are not. he's a good guy and I really have feelings for him but I don't know what to think. we have a lot in common and we always plan things to do together. ill be bummed if we don't hang out if I ask him about our might be good and it might be bad. any help would be great


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  • He might not want a relationship because of the distance. I don't know how far you live from him but the long distance thing doesn't work. From what I can tell he likes you. I would just bring it up. To me it's just something that has to be done, even if it sucks.


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