Need help with a hard-to-read confused!

So I met this guy a few months ago now at a friends birthday. He added me on Facebook that night, but there was no real contact until I went to one of his gigs (he's in a band) and he was quite different from the first time I met him-a lot less talkative (the first time we met our conversation went on the whole night) and shyer I guess you said. It was pretty much the same thing the next function I saw him at, but he was still friendly and 'warm' and attempted conversation. Also, I know it't not exactly concrete evidence, but we did have a few "moments" those last two catch ups, where we had eye contact and it was intense and a few times I looked up and caught him staring and smiling.

Meanwhile, I started (initiated twice) to message him on fb just to get to know him a bit more between these meetings. Those convos always go well (long, friendly, sharing music, asking me questions so he gave the impression he liked talking to me) until he just stops. Yesterday his band had a gig at a local event and in one of his messages (the first string of messages he initiated after I gave up/witheld from messaging him because he took so long) , he told me about it and said me and my friend (our mutual one) should go and then "hang out" with them afterward. So, I went but he was kind of stand-offish. He did say hi and started to talk to me, but then ignored me when someone else called him. I was talking to his brother when he eventually stopped ignoring me and said really unethusiastically and expressionless what the plans were for the rest of the day, including a group dinner later on he said I was welcome to join, but he sure didn;t make me fee like I was lol. Basically, he just seemed annoyed. Anyway, the group was going to split up and look around at the other things on, so he asked if he could get my number to 'keep in touch while walking around' and I guess with the day's plans. He never used it though! I ended up just going home with my friends later on. I did text him though to say thanks for the invite, but something came up and hopefully next time and the text back was super friendly and ended with a question (am I right to believe this means he wants us to continue conversing? lol).

Anyway...bottom line is, in texts and messages he's funny and friendly and seems like he likes me as a potential friend at least . For instance, asking Q's about me, inviting me to a music festival (not the one I went to) and posting a link to the beatles 'happy birthday' song on my wall (because he knows I love them). I don't know what to think anymore...he's not a player, I know that for sure, but apart from that I have no idea what to make of him! I am attracted to him, but it's hard to read whether he even wants to be my friend, let alone if he's interested back.


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  • Seems like you are one of many "possible" girls he is interested in. Possibly he's playing the field or you may not be sending a direct obvious signal. Maybe he's one of those guys that needs you to ask him out because he's affraid to.


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