How long should I wait until I give up?

Met a guy on a dating site and we seemed to really hit it off. Sent over 500 texts in two days. I haven't heard from him since Friday night other than he said he was sorry he fell asleep on me. He never answered my other two texts I sent and since I didn't want to be a bother sent him an email asking if he is still interested. I have received no replies so how long should I wait until I give up?

Well I decided to send him a farewell text and it seems to be a good thing. His phone locked up to the point he had to get a new one. Told him I actually had that happen to 3 in a two month period so it's not implausible.


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  • I'd give up now. Clearly he's talking to multiple women on the site and you aren't special to him.

    He'll get around to answering you, but you will always be just one among many profiles he reviews.

    Is it worth waiting until he finally gets around to you?

    • N wonder his phone locked up, he's talking to who knows how many women at once, there must be a huge message volume!

    • Yeah well he talked to me for 300 texts yesterday and nothing. I told him after the last unanswered one good luck and see ya.

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  • I am not an advocate of playing "hard to get"...but don't bug him..if he does not respond...then he is not interested.

    • Yes, but how long do I wait for him to respond?

    • is hard..I have had several gfs and am now married for 17 years...but I honestly do not know the answer to this any better than you do...actually you know the answer better because you know him and I do not..I know that this is not to remember this one? We all want what we cannot have...and we all distance ourselves from what is forced (or perceived as) upon us

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  • Well it's only been two days. I'm sure the guy has a life. I say wait it out a week, depending on if your reliant to wait that long. By next Friday if he hasn't said anything sooner before then, I would take it as a sign that he's no longer interested. But, don't send him anymore messages in the mean time, let him respond first.