Someone anyone help me win a date

I want to send a guy a message giving him my number , but I want to say something friendly but sexy . What are some ways to give him my number so that if he rejects me I won't be embarrass ?


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  • It is really a little strange of you to be so sensitive with this issue. I think you could just ask him for that. Most often, we do not mind giving others my phone number. We like girls who are brave enough to move first. You can even ask him out, I think. Remember, whether you a good girl or not, does not depend on whether you move first or not.

    The most important thing is: you can fail one thousand times, but you should not miss the real Mr. Righter.

    Good luck!


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  • Use an elaborate pulley system to tip it into his trouser pocket whilst he's posing dramatically at the local coast cliff :D

  • Just ask him how he'd doin. Nothing wrong with that, and if he doesn't reject you, then more on to sexy...


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