A girl I'm dating always makes sure to tell me she's not dating anyone else.

There's this girl I really like, and every time she says she went to a party or any social gathering, she always mention that she didn't make out with anyone.

I find this is very sweet of her, making sure I don't get jealous, But do you think it also means something else? Like she wants to take things further or any other reason?


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  • It is possible that she wants to take things further. If she's also telling you that there's no one else on whom she could be interested, plus the speech "I didn't hook up with anyone at the party" says that she really likes you. Ask her out, go to a party together, see how will she behave around you (will she be all the time with you). If you think that her story and body language says that she's into you, make the first move. Tell her that you like her, and go on from that point.


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  • Maybe she wants you to say that you feel the same way. That you are not seeing any other person.

    Or it could be that she is outright lying and she is worried that you are going to find out.


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  • red flag, I've known some like that and more often than not it's their guilty conscience speaking. They want reassurance from you that you don't know anything about their shady business and they want to know you are not doing what they are doing behind your back.

    • Yep I dated someone like this and I was just thinkin the same thing.

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