Should I plan the date?

I've been dating this guy for two months. The first two weeks we dated, we saw each other every day and we talked on the phone every night. We both have been single for a long time. We get along really great (we're long time friends who always liked each other but never connected; so intimacy came quick for us and he says the sex is "amazing." For the past couple of weeks I notice that he doesn't make plans with me. He's working a lot of hours and likes to hunt, which I get, but if we have committed to a monogamous relationship, then shouldn't we be seeing each other at least once a week? We live 30 miles from each other. Should I set boundaries and say we should make time to go out together. I'd like to see him once a week.


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  • Definitely plan the date.

    Try this:

    "Hey, you've been quite for the last couple of weeks... probably stressed from work and all that. How about we do something relaxing this Friday? Want to see that new Bond movie?"

    • Last Friday (after not seeing him all week), I invited him out for a drink, telling him it would be for a couple hours and then the next day I would be out of town. He said he was too tiredk which I understand. But the next night he went out with a bunch of friends and then never tried to connect on Sunday (our day off). He calls but he doesn't make plans. I wont' see him all week and we have no plans to go out any time soon. I don't want to be the last minute plan.

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    • Well... at least now you know!

    • On that last call, he also said he would call me so we could get together during the coming week (when he was on vacation0. He never called. He sent a couple text messages, but it became clear that he wasn't going to call to "make plans" - I've been cool about it and am giving him space. The thing is,is that the way he's going to leave it? Is he staying away to make me think he's a jerk and I move on? All the times we told ea. other we would always be friends...did he lie? Confused.

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