Do most guys dislike chatty texting?

This particular person is nice, considerate, maintains eye contact, and puts his arm around my shoulder when we're walking around in public. We've been on a couple of dates, and had sex. We made plans to meet up: He gave me three options of availability. Unfortunately tonight didn't work out because I'm was too busy. However, we did text back and forth a couple times about his day. I was the last person to send a text message, which was a bit chatty, about how I never participated in school sports (he was volunteering at a regatta). Anyway, he hasn't replied. It could just be that he didn't feel it was necessary to reply to. However, our second option of getting together is tomorrow. Should I wait until he sends me a text or something to initiate hanging out tomorrow? Or should I send him a text asking when he'd like to hang out? Or is he just not interested if he's not replying to texts.


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  • Over thinking Wayy to much. He could have had to do something else and it slipped his mind that he never replied. I do it all the time. Wait until tomorrow if he doesn't text by then send him one text saying " I'm free tonight are you?" And then wait for him to reply to that.


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