How do I know when I'm being too much?

I been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks, and it's been alright but since last night I've just felt a bit worried Because he hadn't text back and then I waited till the end of work till I call him and he answered but then It was cutting out and he told me to call him later and I sent him a text asking if he ran out of cred Because if he didn't he could say no . Then I called him about an hour later he didn't answer called him 5 min after didn't answer then waited a half an hour he didn't answer again. So what should I do now ?


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  • hey chill girl he might have some phone problems. He might not hear the phone or something. No need to worry about a silly phone call I'v seen this type of question a 100 times before

    • Should I wait till he can contact me or should I keep trying to contact him?

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    • Okay :) thankyou

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