Does he want to only be friends?

A little while ago one of my guy friends confessed he used to like me(through a fb message and it was so cute!). He moved so we hadn't talked in a while when he sprang this on me but I was glad he said it because think I liked/like him too so I told him. However, since telling me this, he hasn't brought up the idea again. Its weird to me to pretend he didn't say it. We will randomly fb message each other, and always have PURELY friendly conversations. A couple times he's said we should hang out and I agreed. Nothing ever happens though. Recently, I messaged him with the idea of hanging out (no serious plans just the casual nice gesture) to go visit one of our old friends. He said it sounded great and would get back to me. When he finally decided which weekend he would like to do it I told him to text/message me with the details... Well he totally didn't text me and the idea just blew over. We never discussed it but still will randomly comment on each others walls and stuff. Should I just give up hope on anything more than a friendly relationship here lol? I don't want to be the one to keep trying to make plans. Is it possible he just stopped liking me?

SIDENOTE: When we were friends I knew lots of girls who liked him and were kind of jealous he hung out with me so much. When we would hang out and I would try to hook him up with girls who were interested he'd always be turned off by the idea of those girls liking him. Guess he liked the girls who weren't interested (ME). This is why I kind of don't want to be too forward.

OTHER SIDENOTE: ...I realize this is rather long so I'm sorry for that. and if you actually took time to read it your awesome.


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  • Sounds like a bit of a weird situation where you guys just aren't on the same page with how you're communicating with each other. Jedi mind tricks and stuff with subtle fb messages instead of just being able to open up & be real with each other. So who knows what's going on to cause that. It might be that once he opened up to you about liking you, it freaked him out & he wasn't sure how to handle it from actually make a move, seal the deal, etc. For a guy that can be a lot of pressure and he might've just not been able to get over it and reverted back to the casual stuff or even avoiding plans altogether at times.

    Bottom line I think one of you needs to put yourself out there a bit and take a chance. Beyond just the casual stuff but really make a move (whether it's verbal, physical, whatever)...even if it fails at least that way you'd both know where things stand instead of this messy in between ground you're on now.


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