How much of the attraction is just the chase?

"most guys don't want the nice loyal girl they want a girl like me who doesn't give a F***" - quoting another GAG user.

I've noticed guys that I don't want to date, are persistent and kind and actually force themselves into my life. Even though I have told them I would never date them. On the other hand the guys I have dated pursue only until I finally give in and start to reciprocate interest. Then they run away. It is frustrating. It has messed me up a bit so now I think guys just liked the challenge and don't actually like me. I'm so messed up now I let all my 'flaws' hang out. Almost as a 'stay away unless you're serious' warning to guys. LOL. But I might be pushing the nice guys away. I don't ever want to develop feelings for a man ever again. Guys is it just the chase?


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  • Having something you think you could never have is an ego boost. It is the chase.

    If you are taking to them about dating then you are talking too much.

    Sounds like you have an excellent start on putting how you feel and what you are down. If you think you are just a goal, then you are. Your thoughts produce things, recognize the power of your thoughts at this moment and change your thinking.

    You are correct in not developing deep feeling in a man ever again alone. Take God with you and make him first. He know you are a horny little girl. The more you love God the more you will feel complete alone. The more you feel complete, you will radiate, the more you radiate and feel good, you will meet what your heart desires. No man can complete a woman. You are already complete and perfect. Keep in mind you were designed and made for love. Your creator will handle your purpose.

    Trust me, I know from where I speak. I have men who have worked for me. I have traveled the world and lived on Copa Cabana beach. I know how many words it take to get a woman without money. Yes guys play games.

    Hope I was helpful.

    Good luck,

    • He know you are a horny little girl - wth? LOL. Have you seen this:

      "My dear one,

      No man can ever claim you unless he claims you from Me. I reserved a man for you who has My heart and loves Me more than he will love you. Soon you will know him.

      I have the perfect time. You are My princess, My daughter. Let no prince claim you unless he asks you from My hand for I am your Father, the King of Kings. You, my princess, are worth loving, and deserve a prince.

      , GOD"

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  • That's not true. I want the nice, loyal girl. I have gone for that girl in the past but she did not want me.

  • Uh... let me paraphrase this - so you're saying the persistent guys eventually win you over, before they back away?

    It has to be pretty hurtful. I guess most guys don't know what the hell they want.


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