What's the best way to end a meeting?

I call it meeting cause its not exactly a date, we are just going for a drink. After that should I kiss her hand or try to kiss her? And, when we are meeting and saying hi should I kiss her hand? I am not sure if that would be weird cause I've never done it. by the way I've never met this girl in real life.


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  • That's a good first date.

    The goal is not to impress her, or assume how things will go. You've never met. You might not get along, or have no chemistry. In which case you finish your drinks and wish each other well. The goal is to find out if there's enough interest for a longer date.

    I wouldn't kiss her hand saying hi.

    If you end up getting a second drink, the conversation is flowing well and there's some flirting, you could give her a quick peck at the end. But that's less important then whether you flirt well together.

    • peck as in on the cheek? or lips? :P

    • Move in slow, not agonizing, but slow, if she offers cheek, cheek, if she offers lips, lips, if she turns head to side, quick hug, if she seems awkward about it, maybe consider if she was enjoying the date as much as you were.

      Break the touch barrier BEFORE that point though if things are going well.

      Try to sit beside her, not across from her.

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