Should I forgive him / could he feel bad about he acted?

I was dating a guy for two months and we were already acting like a couple by the first date, but it was a turbulent relationship. I still really cared about him but he had to go back to his home country very suddenly due to his mom getting sick (even though she got better 2 days before he left) and didn't say goodbye. He said he wasn't good with goodbyes then I told him I thought I deserved one. He said we'd talk the next day and he texted me saying he'd try to come to mine that day but couldn't be sure and that he was doing it cause he knew I thought he usually doesn't care about me. I told him okay but not to worry about it if he was busy (still hoping he'd come over). That was the last I heard from him cause he never came over. Now 5 days after him leaving he's messaged me on fb saying hey how are you kinda thing. I responded but I don't get why he's still contacting me. I'm probably never going to see him again. When he didn't come, I cried for two days. I don't know if I should just cut him off or forgive him and just be friendly.


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  • you're letting your emotions cloud your judgement. he hasn't treated you the way you deserve. fact.

    there is a lot of hassle involved in this at such an early stage of a relationship. fact.

    if it doesn't bother him leaving you without the decency of saying goodbye after having a mini relationship with you then he doesn't deserve your time of day. fact.

    with "friends" like that who needs enemies.

    dont be friendly to him. he doesn't deserve it if he thought you didn't deserve a goodbye.

    see this as the black and white situation it really is.

    sorry to be blunt.

    • and by the way - he's contacting you to relieve his guilty conscience. this is about him - not you. if he thought about you he would have given you a decent goodbye out of respect.

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  • move on

  • forgive