Guys, why would you keep hanging out with a girl if...?

I've been dating this guy I met online for about a month, two months if you include the time he's been traveling.

We slept together on the first date, and we're still dating: he pays for everything, buys tickets for both of us/makes reservations for dinner in advance...but we haven't slept together since that first night. It has never been my fault, on the dates we've gone on at night, he always seems to have other plans (finishing work, a friend's birthday party) afterward that don't include me.

What's going on?


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  • Ask him.

    He could be trying to take it slower since you guys did sleep together on the first date. (which is too fast). Maybe he's trying to avoid that situation from happening again.

    Or he's seeing other people, or he really does have other plans or priorities he needs to take care of.

    The list could go on... You will never know until you ask him.

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