Sent a girl flowers at work and this was her reaction?

Long story short, I've been seeing this girl recently. We're not official, but we've been on a few dates. I'm still not sure how we fit together, but I like her. I took the brave step of sending her flowers to her workplace. I figured that she would be excited and surprised, but the only thing I got from her was a text message saying "Thanks for the flowers! you're too sweet!"

I would've thought that I would've got a call from her after work or something but the only thing I got regarding the flowers was that message. My question that a message you would send if you were excited or happy? Or is that a message that is required just to be nice?

Before you suggest anything, I didn't have any ulterior motives with the flowers other than to show her that I care for her. It was sort of a way to show her I'm serious about her. What are your thoughts?


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  • Hi, yah, my thoughts are that maybe she is surprised and she doesn't know what to think yet.

    Could she be a little shy?

    Maybe she gets A LOT of attention from a lot of guys and this is no big deal.

    Maybe she doesn't like you that much.

    Maybe she didn't appreciate it that much.

    Maybe flowers don't impress her.

    Maybe she had a long day at work, maybe she wasn't feeling good, maybe she has a headache, a cold.

    Maybe one of her friends is bugging her with drama.

    Maybe she has something else on her mind.

    Don't over think it.

    • Quick question...would she kiss me goodbye every time she sees me if she didn't like me? Would she hold my hand and lay her head against my shoulder in a movie theatre if she wasn't interested. I really over think things I know lol, but those are my current questions lol

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    • Okay, pace yourself. Women can feel smothered with too much attention.

    • Agreed. Thanks for your input

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  • I think she genuinely liked the flowers otherwise she wouldn't have said so. She might have been caught off guard and unsure how to react. Ask her out on an official date and see where it goes.

    • We've been on 2 "official" dates and I've hung out with her and her friends several times.

    • What is she like when with you? That's a good indicator on how she feels about you.

  • d of phoned you when they turned up lol Maybe she is just being casual. But she still responded positively and she is right it is sweet. Try not to worry


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  • That is the risk we guys take. It is better to error on the side of good manors than to have think you are the average Joe.

    You will be fine but you said too little.

    Good luck,

    • What exactly do you mean by "said too little?"

  • seems positive to me, good work dude

  • Save the flowers for a girl you're in love with and you know she's in love with you. It's to much if you've only been on a few dates and I think it'll hurt things more than help them at the early stage you're at.

    It'd be like telling her you love her after just a few dates.

    • I don't necessariy think flowers mean you love someone. I think its more along the lines of "I was thinking of you and I hope this makes your day." Maybe it was too early, but its something I wanted to do just to see how'd she react. Overall, I think it was a win win...I either find out she doesn't appreciate it and doesn't really know if she wants to be serious OR I find out she sees that I'm starting to take things seriously with her and so is she. Can't Interpret the reaction though.

    • shes not going to interpret it the way you intended though. and it's not a win win because the only thing she's probably going to think it "oh my god we've only been on a few dates and he's acting like he's in love with me already"

    • You could be right, but what's the worst thing that can happen? She walks away from a guy who gave her flowers. Overall, if that's what she does, I'm fine with it because I made a move that a lot of other dudes wouldn't be brave enough to make. If she walks, at least I don't have any regrets. But she may think like you do, so you may be correct.

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