Guys do you use the emotions when texting and if so what do they mean to you?

for example the kissy face, wink face, tongue out, heart...etc.


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  • Ah sure, all the time; they liven up the text and make it look so much more interesting than just one line of identical style text after another.

    And, of course, I try to match them to what I'm writing. If I'm saying something sad, or exciting, or flirtatious, I'll use an appropriate emoticon.

    • I agree that's how I use them too. I have a friend that is a male and he has started sending the winky and kissy ones lately and it has caught me off guard

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    • isnt that the truth and in all honesty it probably means absolutely nothing lol

    • Well, it means the answerer takes the time to personalize a little bit!

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  • I do not use them.

  • its just silly

  • I rarely use them.. mostly if I do its for a specific reason with that person ;)

  • No, I never used them because I've always thought using them was kind of a girl's thing.

    I just use a lot of 'haha', otherwise then it'd really sound like I'm being dead serious all the time!


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