How to build relationships with a woman?

not date just for sex, how do you expect a man to behave? When dating, how long to date, learn about each other?


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  • If you just want to have sex with women with NSA, you need to be sexually attractive to her and, most importantly, find women who are looking for NSA sex.

    Also, why the hell did you say, "how to build relationships with a woman" ... that's going about this totally in the wrong way.

    1. Find women who are interested in casual sex.

    2. Be sexually alluring

    3. Be fun and playful, yet safe enough that she knows you're not going to harm her.

    4. Hang out a little in social, fun settings. Don't dump your emotional baggage on her, don't tell her how fed up you are with women, don't be creepy by saying forcefully sexual things to her. Learn how to be "fun" about sex, offering it to her. Not trying to push it upon her.


What Guys Said 1

  • If you're talking about a FWB situation, you'll need to be attractive, have the right chemistry and, sometimes, alcohol.

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