Mixed Messages From Ex-Boyfriend's Little Brother?

So me and this guy broke up in May. We still hung out during the summer and this included hanging out with his little brother too. My ex already graduated from our college but his little brother is still here and works in the same place as me.

He's become my closest guy friend and I've developed feelings for him and I believe he has developed feelings for me too but because I dated his brother, we can't really go forward with our feelings or anything.

This last weekend I took him and my best friend (a girl) home with me. That night, we watched a movie with a blanket outside in the cold. He was next to me and we were cuddled up (usually we never touch at all). He would put his head on my shoulder and was just affectionate in general.

Then at the hookah bar, he was touching me in some way pretty much the whole time. He's also been caught looking at me and such.

Later we were going to go to a club and I dressed in a short skirt and halter top and when he saw me, he took a triple take. At the club he was once again affectionate and pulled my hand to him (it had a drink in it) so he could take a sip.

We danced together (I grinded him) and I honestly think I could have gotten away with kissing him but I didn't do it. I also introduced him as my boyfriend to a guy hitting on me and he grinned really big when I did that.

HOWEVER - if there is another girl around that he thinks could possibly be interested in him, I become invisible. My theory is that he knows that we can't date since I dated his brother so he's going for girls that he could date. Yet, when this certain girl isn't around - I have his complete attention.

He gets jealous when I flirt with other guys and is very protective of me. It's kinda like, "If I can't have you then no one can" yet both of us want companionship.

What do you think of his behavior? What should I do?


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  • First, most guys who see a hot girl in a mini and halter will fix their eyes on you. There's just too much skin to ignore. You can't do that to a guy and expect him to be indifferent. It looks like you're very much the attention-seeker in general.

    The kid brother is interested in someone else. You're jealous or you wouldn't be here mentioning this and claiming that he's sending mixed signals.

    He's protective of you because you're probably like his sister (after having dated his brother). You're teasing him with the way you dress, so he's got no real choice but to keep eyeballing you -- possibly making the dramatic triple-take as a form of compliment to you -- but the bottom line is that you probably shouldn't keep pushing his friggin buttons, miss. Go find your companionship elsewhere. Looks like that's what he's trying to do...if you'll let him.

    • I could see how you would get this idea. However, I've had several people mention that they believe he likes me as well.

      If this was just my idea then I wouldn't mention it. Further, that was the only time I've dressed like that. Typically, I'm very much the jeans and t-shirt girl and you're ignoring the other information. He cuddled up to ME at the hookah bar and at my house. I did not make any first moves there.

      Once again, he also gets jealous when I mention other guys.

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    • I just didn't like the "attention-seeker" thing when I don't dress in such a way. That's what made your answer sound less than objective, especially since you didn't seem to put any value to him being affectionate to me (I was wearing sweats during the evening instance).

      I'm pretty modest in dress though, I'm sure there was partially a shock factor in what I wore to the club since I don't usually dress that way.

    • Sorry -- it's how certain girls by me dress; they really, really are strictly that sort of person. Theoretically, though, an attractive girl will just turn heads. Don't be TOO merciless with your clubwear or he may eventually pass out. :)

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  • He likes you, you like him. Sounds great. Except for the brother. That is going to be a major problem.


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