When he kisses me with the tongue, do I also use mine? how?

Okay so I have a boyfriend that every time we kiss, he kisses with his tongue, he keeps saying he wants to make out but I don't really know how. He understands what I'm going through by not knowing how to but he wants to like do it anyways, and like instead of french kissing, he does American kisses which are directly with tongue.. IS THAT GOOD?


1. when he kisses me with the tongue, do I also use mine? how?

2. How do you make out(french kiss)


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  • Wow...how old are you? You don't seem like you're in the right age to be making out (Under 18?) if you have to ask. You've got to be kidding me.

    I would suggest watching p*rn, but you're not old enough. You should wait and focus on more important things your age like grades and getting into a good college.

    • I'm 16 but many people from my grade have made out already and stuff... and like I have only had one boyfriend and nothing happened with him, but with my new boyfriend, its gonna go for a longer time than the first one :)

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    • Im not gonna have sex now read the question and the description again...

    • I'm just giving advice is all (reference to the condom comment). Just do things if you're comfortable doing it.

      If you want to make out, then you should look up articles or a "sex" book or something.

      Take it easy.

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