Would you date someone like this??

if you could, please read the description and tell whether or not you would date this person. why or why not, and any comments would be appreciated... Thanks:)

He's 17, well built, he loves to read and in fact has put out three books so far. he is caring and compassionate, he Has his heart set on helping enforce laws, is very active, Lots of sports and hobbies, is a handy-man(literal sense, not sexually), He loves helping people, he helps the community, is an all over nice person if you don't piss him off. Would do virtually anything to help people...

-Ok now the bad things, He has made mistakes ( used to smoke(quit), drinks (on occasion but never to get drunk), is shy as hell ( to the point where he hasn't asked out a girl since 7th grade), loves to do stupid dangerous things, isn't focused I and school, doesn't get bad grades, but is average A's and B's some Cs, judges people sometimes.

need any more info just ask... thanks for your help:)

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  • If he was my age yes

    • and you are how old?

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    • ok, wht was your overall impression of the description?

    • A caring inteligent young author with dreams and aspirations . Who is good at fixing things who is humble and a risk taker pretty much. Will make some young girl happy when he is confident enough to ask one out!

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  • If he was older yes I would give him a shot.

  • Yes I would date somebody like this- overall he sounds pretty good. None of his flaws bother me and hehe I love to do stupid things too.

    • how stupid?

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    • my friend had a pet alligator named carl lol

    • thats so cool- I like your friend ;) and you for that matter

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