I never really learned how to flirt and date?

My situation is relatively simple.

I've been separated for over two years after being married for most of my adult life and now I've developed feelings for a woman I know.

The only problem is I never really learned how to flirt and date before I got married ( go figure!) and now feel like silly schoolboy with his first crush.

Any advice for a hopeless case?

Good point, the woman I like is in her late thirty's. I don't know her that well yet but I know she has had at least one serious relationship, although how it ended I don't know. She's never been married. She is a quiet type and seems to like her own company. She's intelligent and I think she is very cute, but I would bet money that she thinks she is plain.


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  • That is really sweet. How old is this woman you are interested in? Flirting is easy, and fun. First just be yourself, then you will be more comfortable. If this lady of yours feels the same way about you she will probably be nervous also. We only live this life once so go for it. You had to have something going for you the first time. It will come back, you just have to back in the saddle again. Relax enjoy it have fun.

  • no time like the present to figure it out :)

    there's nothing to it really, be yourself. talk to her, be interested in what she has to say, ask her out for drinks/coffee, then see where it goes.

    good luck


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