Should I text my ex or wait...?

Ex contacted me a couple of weeks ago. We've been texting back and forth since then. He's been inviting me out a couple of times to hangout. I was a bit skeptic and said no. I wasn't sure if I should have. Still have those feelings for him. He broke up with me.

Last Thursday he asked me to grab a bite and I said yes. I gave in. At dinner we basically talked about everything. When we broke up to what we're both up to now. He said he made a mistake when he left me and misses me and talking to me. He got really hurt and used by his two ex's after me. Said he made a lot of mistakes and got what he deserved after the way he hurt me. Said he was interested in talking, but it was up to me, and that I had a lot of thinking to do. Haven't gotten back to him on that..

The night after I went to this club I go to every week. Which he used to go to but told me he hates and stopped going now because of his ex that went there. He ended up being there. Greeted me, talked to some people then left.

I was kinda drunk so I sent him a text saying "I see how it is" Cause he left so quick. He said he had to leave because his sister was crying and needed him at a bar she was at with her friend's. I didn't believe him so I just texted "Sure" He asked me why I didn't believe him and that he wouldn't lie to me. I texted because you have before..

I think it was insecurities from when we were together that made me text that. He has lied to me before, and with all these emotions I have with him talking to me again and being drunk does not help. I feel bad because he didn't lie to me. I found out she was there. I felt stupid for sending that text to him. Really dumb move :/

I haven't talked to him since that last text Friday night. I was wondering if I should text him just to say hey, wait for him to text me back if he does? Am I over thinking to much? I feel like I ruined it :(

What would you do? Would you be mad if an ex girlfriend did that to you?hould text


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  • I think you're over thinking it. Go ahead and text him.


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  • If he liked you he would call you...Do not keep chasing him...this will only make him keep running far away from you...wait and see what will happen. DO NOT CHASE HIM...